Adonis of Kaikos


Photographic Memory
Graduate Of Acadamae Bellum quond Amicitia
The River Is Long
Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer
The Enemy You Know Is Better Than The Friend You Don't


Superb: Contacting
Great: Leadership; Lore
Good: Craft (Engineering); Resolve; Resources
Fair: Deceit; Intimidation; Investigation; Rapport
Average: Athletics; Fists; Survival; Empathy; Might


Scholar (Warfare)
It's Academic
Field Command
I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy

Health [ ][ ][ ]
Composure [ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ]


Current Fate Points: 5
Refresh Rate: 3
Experience Points: 3

Adonis is from Kaikos, a costal community in Odyssia. As a child Adonis demonstrated an uncanny ability to remember everything he read, heard or saw. Thus, Adonis became a child prodigy in the Odyssian school system, receiving top honors from numerous distinguished lectures. Eventually, the Odyssian royal court selected Adonis as one of only a handful of young adults to represent Odyssia at the exceptionally prestigious and elite Jovian institution, Acadamae Bellum quond Amicitia.

Acadamae Bellum quond Amicitia brought together the best and brightest of the civilized nations to collaborate on military strategy and diplomacy. The underlying the principal of the Acadamae was cooperation and coordination in the eternal fight against the Others. Adonis excelled at the Acadamae. He was the top academic graduate, recipient of the distinguished field leadership award, and he made numerous contacts throughout the civilized world. Since the Acadamea held the best and brightest, the competition was fierce for top prospects. Thus Adonis also made some of his fiercest enemies, those jealous of his numerous successes.

After graduation from the Acadamae, Odyssia ordered Adonis to return and serve in its military on the War Council. In that capacity, Adonis honed his leadership skills and became known for always being steps ahead of his opponents, whether in actual warfare against the Others or in military exercises. Adonis also developed the reputation for voluntarily conceding territory or throwing battles in order to achieve a superior position for future conflict. In the Battle of the Canyon, Adonis ordered the lines to feign collapse in order to trick the Others to rush the gap into the Canyon and fall into a trap of a man-made landslide.

Upon the arrival of The Anu, Adonis had an immediate unquenchable curiosity about all things Nuadan. While he has a genuine thirst for knowledge, Adonis argued, eventually successfully, with the Odyssian royal court that the lack of knowledge about The Anu was the greatest strategic threat facing Odyssia. Therefore, Adonis sought out opportunities to interact with Nuadan leaders, eventually teaming up with Talan and touring Iskios.

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