Caedes Deflagrius Magnus


Night Blooded
One Against The World
Not One Of Them
"Not Dead Yet."
Ever Burning Temple


Superb: Endurance
Great: Arcana Fire, Lore
Good:, Empathy, Resolve, Intimidation
Fair: Rapport, Contacting, Alertness, Might
Average: Survival, Athletics, Resources, Investigation, Deceit

Languages Jovic, Khethan, Odyssian, Nuadan, Night Speech


The Sight
Fire Sorcery
Fire Shield

Health [ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]
Composure [ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ]


Current Fate Points: 5
Refresh Rate: 3
Experience Points: 9 (3)


Caedes was born to a human Jovan woman (Lucia) in the fishing town of Cosa, His father was a half demon Tiberius Flavius Barbarus. Caedes’ father Tiberius was a fisherman by trade and taught his son the trade. Tiberius was a wealthy fisherman, mostly do to the fact that he was one of the few fisherman and would brave the seas during the monthly lunar apex and catch demon fish in special magical nets designed to keep them in this realm. On one night during a lunar event Caedes’ was with his father and a terrible marine storm took them by surprise and Tiberius died. Caedes survived even though he should have died in the storm. Caedes mother took over the fishing business and became a free woman. Caedes swore off fishing and anything to do with the water and left his family and took up training at the pyromancer’s guild. There he was trained as a demon hunter (they knew that he is demon blooded). Then Caedes fought in the great war and his group of demon hunters and was assigned to the legion that fought in the “Bloody Canyon” where the fighting was the nastiest. His whole legion and support group were wiped out. Caedes survived and so did a few allies from the other cities. They decided to stick together after the war and from a mercenary group of Demon Hunters.

Seed: Caedes was born a quarter demon as his father was half demon
Night Blooded- how I see this working is that he can call upon the deep reserves of his demon blood to effect the out come of certain events. e.g. An extra little heat to a fire bolt or a sparkle in his eye at the right time to a NPC needing to be convinced of something.

Wheel: Caedes survived a terrible storm while fishing with his father, his father did not survive. Caedus joined the pyromacer’s guild
“In over my head”- this is a situation where he is out numbered or has to do something that is hard, he could ask for help but normally he tries to do it himself. E.g. 4 to one odds in battle or try and infiltrate a demon nest by him self. A good example is the time my character from the last FATE game snuck in and stole the “Eye of Dim Bong” from the evil guards.

River: Caedes survives the battle of “Ever Night”. His legion was set to guard Bloody Canyon, his whole legion is decimated. He could have changed into a demon and switched sides but did not.
“Not one of them”

Crucible: Caedes and some others of his group seek revenge upon the demons and seek to kill one of their top generals, it turns into an epic battle in which Caedes in brought to within an inch of his life and ignored by the general (thought to be dead), but still is able to help in the final strike that kills the general.
“Not dead yet”- to be used in battle.

Heart: After returning to the Everburning temple where he trained as a Pyromancer, his master told him, he now has mastered the flame and could be taught no more but still had much to learn, and had to do so on his own.
“Everburning temple”- mutli-uses kind of like Night blooded .

Bloody Canyon - a terrible trail. You would all pronounce it utterly inaccessible to horses, yet pack trains come down, but the bones of several horses or mules and the stench of another told that all had not passed safely…. It was a bold man who first took a horse up there. The horses were so cut by sharp rocks that they named it 'Bloody Canyon,' and it has held the name - and it is appropriate - part of the way the rocks in the trail are literally sprinkled with blood from the animals. It was not was a fate full night during “Ever Night” when ‘Bloody Canyon’ truly lived up to its name. Part of the Demon horde were trying to get through the pass as most had expected them to come a different way as the canyon was hard to traverse. Forces from the Khethan, Odyssian, Jovan, and barbarian armies where placed there as a token force to guard the pass in case some small part of the enemy tried to get past. The Demons sent a major force down that pass, and as they found that the other passes where more heavily guarded they sent more and more troops down bloody canyon. The fighting was fierce, and the human side was starting to lose, casualties were high on both sides. The Nuadan showed up from the sea and seeing the dire situation committed troops to help guard the pass. They too lost many of their men, but took out a good number of the enemy troops. The fighting lasted for what seemed an eternity. In the morning only six people remained standing when reinforcements arrived. Those six formed a group of mercenaries having felt abandoned by their own.

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