Character Advancement

The Player Characters of Iskios for this campaign represent heroes near the peak of human accomplishment. Standard starting characters for a game of FATE might have their peak Skill at Great or even Good rather than Superb. There will nevertheless be opportunities for some form of further advancement within the campaign with characters earning additional Aspects and/or Stunts depending on their accomplishments.

Per Session Award

Each character will earn a set award of 1-3 experience points for a session according to the following regimen identical to that of the Savage Worlds system:

Award Situation
1 The group accomplished very little or had a or had a very short session.
2 The group had more successes than failures.
3 The group succeeded greatly, and their adventures had a significant impact on the overall story.

Fateful Moments

Up to three times a session, (usually at least once), a character may face a Fateful Moment. They will take an important Action or face a Contest where the opposition is either equal to or within one rank on the Fate ladder. The GM will indicate this is potentially such a moment by either offering (for an Action) or using (Contest) a dice cup. The character may take up the challenge and earn an experience point by agreeing that it represents a Fateful Moment. By doing so, they are agreeing to use none of their Fate Points to alter their Fate; the dice alone will decide success or failure. The character must possess at least one Fate Point to be eligible for a Fateful Moment. A player is under no obligation to ever agree to such a contest. Given the appropriate Aspect, they are always free to deny a Fateful Moment and invoke Aspects to improve their chances of success.

When setting the stakes for success or failure in such a contest, the GM will generally make the impact of a successful roll more rewarding according to its difficulty. The more difficult the challenge, the more there is to be gained. Win or lose, however, the character earns a bonus experience point.

Between these two methods of earning experience points, it can be seen that a character will typically earn 2-6 experience points each session.


An character may have one of their Aspects change if the in-game events seem to warrant it. A character who is no longer the "Wielder of the Tal-Andorain Moonblade", for example, should choose a different, more suitable Aspect immediately.

A character is free to change out one of their Stunts at no cost in between sessions, if they can justify it narratively. Maybe they're no longer as adept at Contacting but they've found some magical item which warrants a different Stunt.

In between sessions, a character can purchase new Aspects and Stunts at a cost commensurate with the number of Aspects and Stunts they already possess. A character's sixth Aspect or Stunt costs six experience points. A character's seventh Aspect or Stunt costs seven experience points, and so on. Note that their Refresh Rate may increase as their Aspects increase. For example, a character with seven Aspects can have up to seven Fate Points at the beginning of a session, and their Refresh Rate is four (one-half of seven, rounded up).

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