Doors to the Otherworld

In times other than the three days when the two moons of Iskios merge, the connection between the Natural world and the Otherworld is tenuous. There are, however, Doors between the worlds here and there. The insight necessary to find these doors is not common. Only those with the skill of Arcana can locate them. Failing specialized knowledge of the exact "key" needed, the ability to access these Doors is even rarer.

The ability to sense a Door is an Arcana roll against a default of Mediocre, with the following conditions increasing the difficulty:

Door is Closed: +2
Daytime +2
Each zone of distance between door and seeker +2

It is relatively difficult, then, for someone who is not specifically suited to finding these Doors to sense them unless they are close by the door and it is night. Doors are almost always "Closed" by default. Another vexing feature of Doors is that they are inconstant. Once found, they may later disappear, lasting anywhere from only a few minutes to a few months.

Some of those who are Night Blooded as well as those who have received specific arcane training are much more adept with finding and even opening Doors. Most of the more powerful Other seem also to possess this faculty.

An additional note on the two worlds: In the three days before and after the merging of Iophis and Siabrae, those in the natural world and the Otherworld can begin to see one another (depending on their Arcana Skill and especially at night) and appear as ghosts. The ghostly terrain of the Otherworld can begin to be seen as well.

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