Look At Me
"Men Are Pigs!"
A Foot In Both Worlds
"Danger Does Not Scare Me!"
"The High Priestess Must Fall!"


Superb: Rapport
Great: Athletics; Fists
Good: Deceit; Empathy; Resolve
Fair: Alertness; Contacting; Investigation;
Average: Endurance; Lore; Medicine; Resources; Weapons


Unearthly Beauty
Eyes Up Here
Dance of the White Serpent
Martial Arts
Crippling Blow

Health [ ][ ][ ] [ ]
Composure [ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ]


Current Fate Points: 5
Refresh Rate: 3
Experience Points: 9 (3)

Abandoned at birth, knowing nothing of her parents, she was raised by a foster family. Supernaturally beautiful, even at a young age, she was often the center of attention, and she loved it.

When she came of age, her foster family sold her into slavery to man named Anen, who specialized in hiring exotic dancers and prostitutes to the cities elite. He trained Hy in the arts of dance and seduction, which she seemed to come to naturally. She was, however, frequently unimpressed with the quality of men she performed for, finding them oafish, lusty, and easily manipulated by a whiff of sexuality.

Given an offer he could not refuse, Anen sold Hy to temples of the High Priestess, who had both a desire for Hy, as well as a use for someone with her skills. Shortly after being sold to the temple, the demon onslaught began, though Hy was, to a large degree isolated frrom these events. During this time, Hy developed a strange affliction. She began to see things from the Otherworld. The medics of the temple ascribed this to hallucination, and prescribed various remedies. None of them worked, but Hy stopped complaining of these symptoms, to avoid further medications, and has learned to live with it.

While at the temple, Hy "learned" that the High Priestess does not actually protect the city from demons. She is, in fact, in league with the demons. Why else would the demons allow their cities to be built atop mountains in the demonic realm?!? And so she fled the temple. It is uncertain whether what Hy "learned is true, but she is for now convinced of this. Many find her ramblings on the topic to be delusional, but they are often willing to listen (and look). Hy believes the High Priestess should be deposed and the temple destroyed.

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