Neferu, High Priestess of Karanis, The Light of Amun

Nirar of Shu, The Whisperer of Shu

Sirak the Red, Highest Flame of Ra

Galal the Unhearing, Deepest Root of Geb

Myo, Standing Wave of Tefnut

Mose, Scribe of Thoth, Head Loremaster of the Seekers of the Past

Marah Kalvos, Half-Kheth Oracle of Amun

Mayati, Temple Prostitute of Amun

Zahri, Fig Merchant

Merkhat Never, Slaver of the Unbroken Chain

Yey of Tamin, member of The Eclipse

Iras of Onyx, kitchen maid of The Open Door Alehouse

Inarus of Buto, guardsman of Neferu (slain by Hyak)

The Tongueless Necropolis Caretaker (slain by Talan)

Seneb of Maadi, Master Architect

Pamu of Maadi, Priest of Ra

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