Sabef of Shu


Child of the Temple of Wind
"Don't Touch Me"
Death From Above
Worst Case Scenario


Superb: Resolve
Great: Arcana; Weapons
Good: Alertness; Athletics; Endurance
Fair: Investigation; Stealth; Survival; Pilot
Average: Deceit; Empathy; Intimidation; Rapport; Medicine


Quick Draw
Good Arm
The Sight
Air Sorcery
Wind Leaper

Health [ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ]
Composure [ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ]


Current Fate Points: 6
Refresh Rate: 3
Experience Points: 9 (3)

Sabef’s special abilities were recognized at an early age and he was taken to the Temple of the Wind by his parents for training, as is custom in Shu for those who possess arcane talents. He grew up there, studying air sorcery and developing his fighting style which combines throwing objects, mainly an arsenal of knives, with help from the winds.

Eventually, his extraordinary talents, even among his peers, caught the notice of the High Priestess and he was hand-picked and groomed to be one of her personal guard, providing security and message delivery service, flying in the skies among the skybarques, sometimes piloting them as well. He entered her service in his teens, naïve and wide-eyed, but eventually became more worldly and savvy in the dangerous and political world. After several years, he began to grow suspicious of her actions and motives, eventually resigning rather than confront her or ask questions which he knew could lead to a sudden “accidental” demise.

After leaving his position, he became a mercenary and sometimes pilot or navigator for the merchant sky fleet.

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