Skill Area Notes
Alertness Perception As SotC.
Arcana Knowledge Includes Mysteries trappings as well as most of Science, excluding Medicine. For further information on how Arcana works, consult the Arcana section of Rules. Some will be developed only after the world is created.
Archery Combat As Guns Skill, excluding some Stunts like "Rain of Lead" and "Two Gun Joe".
Art Craft/Knowledge As SotC.
Athletics Physical As SotC.
Burglary Subterfuge As SotC.
Contacting Social As SotC.
Craft Craft As Engineering. The nature of most Stunts changes according to the technology level of the world as it is found.
Deceit Social/Subterfuge Sleight of Hand trappings and Stunts from SotC are rolled into the Deceit Skill.
Empathy Social/Perception As SotC.
Endurance Physical As SotC.
Fists Combat Stunts from Weapons may be re-named and applied to unarmed combat. Some Stunt names will likely be changed. (Kung Fu, for example)
Gambling Mundane As SotC.
Intimidation Social As SotC.
Investigation Perception As SotC.
Leadership Social As SotC but some Stunts related to Recovery and Medicine have been added due to changes made to Recovery rules. Leadership, and not Medicine is able to "heal" Stress boxes during combat.
Lore Knowledge Academics re-named. Some fields of expertise may no longer be appropriate. (English, for example)
Might Physical As SotC.
Medicine Knowledge Removed from the Science Skill and changed somewhat due to changes made to Recovery rules.
Pilot Mundane Pilot refers to the ability to pilot almost any craft that may exist in the world and may include both Drive and Pilot Stunts as well as trappings for Sailing.
Rapport Social As SotC.
Resolve Social As SotC.
Resources Mundane As SotC.
Ride Mundane Ride is no longer a trapping of Survival and is instead a separate Skill.
Stealth Subterfuge As SotC.
Survival Mundane No longer has Ride as a trapping.
TBD TBD An additional Skill, related to the world created for Twist of Fate may be added.
Weapons Combat Stunts from Fists may be re-named and applied to close combat using weapons. Some Stunt names will likely be changed. (Flying Kick becomes Flying Strike, for example)

Skills in bold text are either new, renamed, or have been changed from the SotC standard in some way.

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