World Creation

Prior to the campaign, a session spent creating the campaign world for Twist of Fate will occur.

• Each player, including the gamemaster, begins the world creation session with 12 tokens.
• Proposing a fact about the campaign world requires expending one token. A fact can include several pieces of minutia or color associated with that fact.
• For this proposal to become established in the world, another player must “second” the proposal and may, if they wish, either offer a twist on the proposal, or state simply, “It is Fated,” indicating acceptance of every facet of the proposing player’s fact. Seconding the proposal requires expenditure of one token. If the seconding player offers a twist on the original proposal, the proposing player indicates acceptance by stating, “It is Fated.” Alternately, they may negotiate with the seconding player until both players agree on the proposal and state, “It is Fated.”
• Other players are encouraged to offer suggestions to either of these two players, but only the proposing player and their second have final say over this negotiation, and only they expend tokens.


Amy: (putting a token forward) “There is a sorceress who lives on a snow-capped mountain who’s known both as “The Lady Who Weeps,” and as “The Last Star.” She is known as an oracle, a diviner of secrets. Only the pure of soul seek her council. Her visions are always true in some form, but those she prophecies for often pay a terrible price for their knowledge."

Rob: (putting a token forward) “That sounds cool, but I think it’s also true that she has a lover who quests for her, one who bears a sword said to be made of forged ‘star metal’, and which is blessed by her tears. She’s immortal, and the reason she weeps is that each of her lovers is mortal and she knows she will ultimately lose them."

Travis: “Hmmm… I wonder whether Rob’s character will end up with a star sword…” (rolls eyes)

Amy: “Okay on the mortal lover, but the one who champions her must obey her in all things, and he is fated to a tragic end within a year of their coupling which she knows and yet cannot prevent.”

Mal: “Oooh! And she always forgets that she’s taken lovers before and only remembers them when she takes a new one, and is granted a vision of their coming death!”

Amy: “Twisted. I like it.”

Rob: “Fair enough. It is Fated.”

Amy: “It is Fated.”

In addition to establishing facts associated with several of the pictures chosen for the campaign, players might choose to define things about:

• Social mores
• Economics
• Religions
• The military
• Laws
• Ruling hierarchies
• Races
• Creatures
• Artifacts
• Threats to the status quo
• The nature of magic
• Geography
• Traditions or rituals associated with any of the above
• Organizations associated with any of the above

In short, anything which interests the players and which helps towards creating a world they look forward to exploring. Players should have a range of definition granularity, especially for some of the pictures. It is not required or preferred that everything should be known about a given person, place or thing before the campaign begins.

Each player will establish roughly six facts about the world and second six others, but there is no set requirement.

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